dontforgetthemiss asked: hey Danielle! I'm beginning a fashion blog really soon and I'm designing my VERY own logo (completely OUT of my realm of knowledge lol) and I was just wondering HOW you did it! Like, did you draw and scan it???? You made it on a program???? HOWWWWW do you draw with a mouse??? I'm just so perplexed! BUT since my blog is for fun, I'm not looking to hire anyone to do anything (not even take my photos! Tripod anyone? lol) maybe you have some tips? pointers? ideas? lol


I’m so not the person to ask about anything design…lol. I’m sooo bad. I ask my design friends to help me. You can also look at stock image sites like istockphoto. Good luck—-I think you’ll be just fine :D

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Siiiiick! I need EVERYTHING!
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iceandneedle asked: Hey Danielle, I'm a regular reader of the style and beauty doctor. I love your site. It really helps as there aren't enough quality sites targeting women of color. I have a question about ombre/balayage hair technique. I have skin tone similar to freida pinto (a tad lighter and yellow-er) and I have black hair. Can you suggest a color that will suit my skin tone if I went for the ombre/balayage look? Thanks!


Thanks so much for reading my site and woo hoo on going ombré! I ever tell you how much I LOVE ombré? I do! So chic. Anyway, from the skin tone you described, I’d say go for chestnut brown tipped tresses. It’ll warm you up slightly without overpowering your complexion. Check out Camila Alves looking S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G with the exact look I’m describing. Basically print this out and take it to your salon :)

Hope this helps! I want to see pics of your final look ;)

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My rendition of the Black Album (Taken with instagram)
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Ombré and funky color DIY hair for commitment phobes…tips on my latest @StyleBlazer post. Click the image to be directed :)
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Press preview of the spring OCC line (Taken with Instagram at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)
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What you may not see here is this guy’s magnifying glass frantically looking at Wet n Wild lipsticks. But why? (Taken with Instagram at Duane Reade)
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Me and @juneambrose at the Selima Optique launch (Taken with Instagram at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel)
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Reason #345,234 why I gotta stop dressing like a boy. Getting “oh shoot, shawty! Your lipstick matches your sneakers” all day today (Taken with instagram)
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Last night at @MondrianLA with fashion blogging buds @JenniferCChan, @glitter_n_glue, @Fsalvation (Taken with Instagram at Mondrian Hotel)
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